Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Black Pants Bandwagon

I know I just told you about my fab new pair of cropped Theory's, but I still can't resist the other black pants I've come across lately. Here are two of my favorite styles from two of my favorite retailers:, $49.50, $49.50, $69.50, $168

I love me some J.Crew, but this time around I think I'll stick with the Gap versions and save on some dough!

Here's a question: Do you think cropped pants are too trendy?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What do you do with 12.5" of Dallas?!

Well, you go play in it before it all melts!

Then, you stay inside and cook for a few weeks and eat cookie dough and pretend you're snowed in for the rest of the winter! (kind of like the rest of my relatives in Wisconsin, D.C., NY and Philly - who are all trapped in the real Snowmageddon). You can see my new Hunter boots came in handy (can you believe I went with high-gloss Graphite after all that Pea Green talk?! My practical side got the best of me)... next up: a cute sweater for Dixie, if the weather keeps up. 

Admittedly, it has not been snowing for the last few weeks, and yours truly has been relishing a little break from organized activity. Well, that and our internet connectivity has been just painfully s-l-o-w making blogging simply unbearable. In the meantime, I've charted my own course by joining a gym - for mental sanity and also to prepare for a big vacay to the Exumas next month - at which I became quickly obsessed with Pilates (just ask StefSam - she was there for my first-ever Pilates lesson, which we both loved), whipped up a few fun new recipes, visited my alma mater with my Valentine...

...and most importantly, became (somewhat) reacquainted with one of my favorite hobbies: keeping my house really clean! Yes... I got out my Magic Erasers again. 
Okay, okay, so I'll stop avoiding the slowness that is my computer... keep your fingers crossed I can muster up some patience while working out these technical difficulties ;)


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