Monday, March 15, 2010

Caramelization 101

I've been asked by a few folks to share the secret to making perfectly caramelized onions.

It's really quite simple, so here's the quick and easy method. For this version, I'm also tossing in a red bell pepper (makes homemade fajitas extra special):

1 large white onion (think 1 onion per every 2 people)
Bell pepper (it you're going for Mexican flavors)
salt and pepper to taste

silicone spatula
chopping knife
chopping mat

First, peel then chop your onion into long thin pieces like this:

What do do with the weirdly shaped bell pepper? Try to peel the outside away:

Then flatten out and chop into long thin strips:

Next, place onions and peppers into a warm skillet with 1-2 tbps EVOO. I try to be minimal with oil, so feel free to use the amount that's right for you :)

Coat the onions with EVOO and add salt and pepper to taste:

Don't be tempted to stir the onions too much... the secret to perfect caramelization is to let the onions sit and caramelize in the pan for a good long while. For best results, spread the onions across the bottom of the pan for more even cooking.

Be sure not to let the temperature get too hot... you're not frying these guys!

We do this a lot as you can see.... here and here are just a couple examples of how we incorporate these tasty delights as often as possible. It's also really a staple for our Monday night fajitas.

Why fajitas most Monday nights? Because they're easy and delicious, my friend. What else did you expect? This simple routine makes the first day of the week just a tad more comforting :)

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